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Social Concept Group brings you FTR Comedy

Social Concept Group brings the first professional comedy room to you in VR, the Failed To Render Comedy Show! FTR Comedy brings in live professional stand-up comedy acts from across the world every Thursday, Friday, and every last Saturday in Virtual Reality or from your PC.

Offering live shows throughout the week, FTR Comedy’s virtual venues are equipped with all the trappings of real brick & mortar comedy clubs, including a bar, bouncers, VIP sections, and a green room backstage.

Social Concept Group is HowMeta

The Metaverse is no longer an abstract concept written about in books and dramatized in film. It is now a real, evolving set of immersive creative platforms driven by key industry participants such as Meta, Microsoft, Tencent, and Amazon.

HowMeta helps clients to identify which platform is the proper fit for their brand and provides iterative design guidance that helps to ensure a successful deployment in the immersive realms of the Metaverse.

From Metaverse-enabled storefronts with actual sales logic for user conversion, to art installations for museums; HowMeta can deliver excellent results for your business.

Social Concept Group is Rendered Talent

Rendered Talent leads the way in new media by building bridges between Hollywood and Virtual Reality. Our Metaverse company has revolutionized “Live Immersive Entertainment” and defines it as we know it today, at the quality of which rivals or exceeds that of any comparable in-person experience.

We have extended entertainment beyond its current limits by cultivating relationships with top tier talent, providing hands on support and giving them all the tools that they need for success in an immersive virtual environment.

Utilizing virtual reality, unfound talent from across the planet are also finding a home with Rendered Talent. We discover, foster and showcase the next generation of talent utilizing cutting edge technology that is unbound by physical borders to enable meaningful and mutually-beneficial revenue-generating opportunities for our partners and clients.

Social Concept Group brings you Render Vision

Coming soon.